About the group

Posted on 2009-07-08

The UK Diffusion MRI Interest Group is an informal grouping of like-minded scientists and clinicians interested in the development and application of diffusion MRI techniques.

The UK is particularly strong in terms of diffusion MRI research, punching well above its weight at international meetings like the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. But the people doing the work are spread around the country—and, for a long time, only got together once or twice a year in some far-flung corner of the world while attending a conference.

In the back of a bar in Kyoto, at the annual ISMRM meeting in 2004, a plan was hatched to rectify this situation—and so the UK Diffusion MRI Interest Group was formed. The plan was quite simple: get as many people as possible together from around the UK to discuss informally a topic, or topics, of interest for an afternoon—with a focus on interactive discussion—followed by even more informal discussions in a local hostelry.

The group meets sporadically, but has seen, at one meeting for example, attendees from Cambridge, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, Manchester, Nottingham, Oxford and Utrecht. The venue changes around the country, but the majority of the time, is centred in the London area.

The group is free to "join"—and, to date, there has been no charge to attend the meetings (you just have to get yourself there!).