List of people

The following is a list of active members of the UK diffusion MRI interest group for whom details are available on this site. A short summary of publication statistics for the group as a whole is available, in addition to each individual's page.
Name Position Institution
Alexander, Daniel C. Professor of Imaging Science University College London
Anjari, Mustafa Student Imperial College London
Atkinson, David Reader in Magnetic Resonance Imaging University College London
Barker, Gareth J. Professor of Magnetic Resonance Physics King's College London Institute of Psychiatry
Barrick, Tom Senior Lecturer in Image Analysis Saint George's, University of London
Bastin, Mark Reader in Brain Imaging University of Edinburgh
Behrens, Tim Professor of Computational Neuroscience University of Oxford
Bells, Sonya PhD Student Cardiff University
Budisavljevic, Sanja D.Phil. Candidate King's College London
Cercignani, Mara Professor of Medical Physics Brighton and Sussex Medical School
Clark, Chris A. Senior Lecturer University College London
Clayden, Jonathan D. Lecturer in Neuroimaging and Biophysics University College London
Damion, Robin A. Research Associate in MRI University of Bristol
Dell'Acqua, Flavio Postdoc King's College London Institute of Psychiatry
Devlin, Joseph T. Reader of Cognitive Neuroscience University College London
Douaud, Gwenaëlle Associate Professor University of Oxford
Drobnjak, Ivana Research Associate University College London
Grech-Sollars, Matthew MRI Physicist Research Associate Imperial College London
Hall, Matt G. Senior Research Associate University College London
Haroon, Hamied Ahmad Postdoctoral Research Associate in MR Neuroimaging University of Manchester
Jbabdi, Saad Associate Professor University of Oxford
Johansen-Berg, Heidi Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience University of Oxford
Jones, Derek K. Professor and Director of MRI Cardiff University
King, Martin D. Nonclinical Lecturer University College London
Metzler-Baddeley, Claudia Lecturer in Psychology Cardiff University
Miller, Karla Professor of Biomedical Engineering University of Oxford
Morgado Correia, Marta MR Physicist Medical Research Council
Muñoz Maniega, Susana Research Fellow University of Edinburgh
Panagiotaki, Eleftheria PhD student University College London
Parker, Geoff Professor of Biomedical Imaging University of Manchester
Samson, Rebecca Senior Research Associate/MRI Physicist University College London
Sotiropoulos, Stam Post-Doctoral Researcher University of Oxford
Thiebaut de Schotten, Michel Research Fellow King's College London Institute of Psychiatry
Tournier, J-Donald Senior Lecturer King's College London
Vos, Sjoerd Post-doctoral Research Associate University College London
Wheeler-Kingshott, Claudia A.M. Professor of Magnetic Resonance Physics University College London
Yang, Guang Senior Research Fellow Imperial College London
Zhou, Diwei PhD candidate University of Nottingham